Hello. Just arrived in Taipei a couple of weels ago.
I am interested in weightlifting in a big way. Does anybody
know of the whereabouts of any bodybuilding or powerlifting

The Taipei guys and gals can certainly help you out on this one. I live in Hsinchu, but I know some of the ‘big’ names like California Fitness and others that I can’t remember are in Taipei.

There’s an ad in the taipei times that has a two year membership at their tai-da location for 10,000nt. A good deal for just weight lifting as most cheap workout places are 10,000nt a year. The other location is near the trainstation-Landis hotel. Maybe called ‘Taipei Gym’.

Are you looking for a gym?
Or are you looking for a weightlifting club, where big boys go to train for bodybuilding/weightlifting only? I hear there are “places” like that only for boys.

There are no such places for girls so we can only train at regular gyms, unfortunately.

Hi guys. Is anyone familiar with where I might be able to purchase a set of dumb bells, bar, weights, bench etc? I have two weeks to get myself kitted out, but would really prefer getting started sooner. I have seen plenty of benches on The Yahoo/Ebay, but they won’t carry a heavier weight, so I need something stronger and a little more professional.