Bomb on the high speed rail

I couldn’t find a thread on this, but apparently a bomb was found on the high speed rail this morning and they had to evacuate the train in Taoyuan, here are a couple of links … r_facebook

Anyone know anything more about this? Pretty crazy stuff. … id=2194700

Wow, not your every day occurrence.

I wonder when they found out about the luggage?

Chabudoism does save lives!

Wow, so generous!


:ponder: :ponder: Green terror?

soon as things like this happens, the general public loses a lot of freedom. Next thing you know there will be metal detectors and bag searches at all entrances to the MRT and the HSR

[quote=“Deuce Dropper”]

Wow, not your every day occurrence.

I wonder when they found out about the luggage?

Chabudoism does save lives!

Wow, so generous!


:ponder: :ponder: Green terror?[/quote]

The lesson here is …don’t travel anywhere with Lu Shiow-yen :astonished:

Any suspects yet?

This sounds like a dry run. … id=2196155

progress in the case. Sometimes the TW police get off their butts and do their jobs.

Apparently they have caught one. Original plan was to syncronize the bomb, having it explode at Taipei Main with the TRA and MRT lines, too. After Boston, one is glad that the catastrophe was averted.

The suspects fled to China immediately afterwards, but now the Chinese police are turning them over.

hope I get chosen to be part of the firing squad.

You should be applying to be an Attorney General then… I think he carries out the executions.

Any motive or what are the media speculating?

seems like he was a lawyer, and hates the government for whatever reason…

He’s not the first lawyer terrorizing others here. Wasn’t there one whom did let bombs explode in the past?

Seems he got picked-up in a Guangzhou brothel while amusing himself.
The Chinese either were lucky or could this be a result of an improved collaboration between both nations ?

Fortunately he sucks at pyrotechnics… had he the proper information the result would have been very different.

The most recent one I heard was that he wanted to cause the stock market to crash by which he could swoop in and make a bucket load of money.

But then the story seems to change every few hours.

thank goodness he didnt make the same kind of bomb that went off in boston. Apparently detailed instructions are available on line

The current explanation of being angry at society is a joke, something else was going on, usually money or revenge oriented.

This situation seems very strange to me, of course that is comparing it with the situation when someone is arrested in America. Like for example, this new situation with the Boston bomber is so different. Everyone wants to know why he did this, the media and police state have whipped up such a froth of excitement and rush to judgement that they are sitting there waiting to interrogate the guy and tell us why he did this etc…this is of course not to say that the police will not tell us everything or it will take a long time, if ever, one of the suspects is dead after all, until we know the truth. And he will obviously be tried, unless the fascists have their say and he is held without a trial and/or given a military tribunal or some such.

Here, have the police even said that they have interrogated these guys…the Taipei Times has reported on some of the innuendo and flat out rumours, but also said they are being held incomunicado and the police aren’t saying what is they are doing, are they? What the hell is going on? Don’t the Taiwanese people want to know why these men did this? Will the police ever say? Will they appear in court? I’m so confused, and the conspiracy/rumor mill must be just going a mile a minute, it’s crazy.

Drop by your nearest welding supply shop and for a few hundred US dollars, you can buy enough explosives to make a 20-foot crater. It’s not like it’s difficult or anything.

Do you really need instructions from the INTERNET for mixing black powder?

The civil war was still fought with black powder which is capable of causing explosions only.
Thank goodness the guys in Boston didn’t have the knowledge or component for causing a detonation.