Bookmarks in general

Bookmarks. Why do I have them when I never selected them?

I just today bookmarked a topic for what I thought was my first time but then noticed I already have lots of bookmarks.

Am I having a brain fart not knowing I’ve been bookmarking topics for a long time?


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Here are my oldest bookmarks and I did not knowingly book mark them.

Maybe I’m accidentally touching the bookmark flag button thingy. No that can’t happen because it brings up a menu first.

And all these recent posts why is it showing as my bookmark?

I wanna chalk it up to accidentally pressing the button

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I’ve set a bunch of bookmarks accidentally over the years, from missing the flag or reply buttons.

But “a bunch” = 7 or 8, at most a dozen.

Butterfinger? Excessive alcohol consumption? :thinking:

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I would put it down to “Fat fingers” if you mainly use a Mobile Phone to browse here. You could be intending to hit the Reply and the fat finger puts more pressure on the Bookmark.