Books that changed you as a teacher

I am looking for some books on teaching. I have been in the english ‘business’ for almost 2 years now and I am in search of some new inspiration. Any suggestions?


Perhaps you could be a little more specific. TEFL? Methodology? etc

Maybe [THIS] topic would help. I’m currently reading “The Principles of Language Learning and Teaching (fourth edition)” and it’s really good. It basically covers all of the different teaching styles, methods and theories. I picked it up at Caves.

thanks Miltownkid. Is there a section on classroom discipline? I want to find more creative ways of maintaining order in my classroom than my usual methods. Lately I am finding that I am spending too much time keeping order and not enough time on the lesson at hand. So I figure that I am doing something wrong.

One suggestion would be to have someone (not your boss) observer your class for a couple of sessions.

Get her to give feedback on your class, esp. the discipline problems. It could be that you’re ignoring something vital in the class that will exacerbate the problems of discipline.

eg. can all students do the work?
do lessons cater to a variety of learning styles?
are there too many ‘games’ or too competitive an environment (my own problem!) etc.

It’s important that that person does this in an non-threatening way otherwise change might be difficult.

I’m busy reading … … 84-9777723

It’s teacher based action research and good for encouraging us as teacher sto reflect on what is going on in the classroom.


Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener is good. It was the recommended text when I did the CELTA course a few years ago.