Books we pretend we've read

That’s always been on my list but I have a visceral reaction to Rushes flowery writing, much like JCOates. Rubs me raw.

No because the articles are mind boggling

None of these I actually read
Macbeth was a pretty good movie , our English class actually went on a field trip to shimentimg to see it

Washington square is a great ear worm

We had to read a whole bunch a stuff in TAS

Absolutely none of which i remember any part of

Sometimes I just wanna hug you T-bone. It’s gonna be alright.

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I quote Orwell like I’ve read it.

I guess you can say I pretend I’ve read it.

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Maybe my wife will lend you her emotional support cat for a few hours POYAY

This is about the only thing I read these days

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I’m ADHD and had no patience as a teenager.

Wait…you’re not that old are you?

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Do you have more patience now ? I find like many people the older I get the less patience I have for anything

That is if I even bother to have any patience for it at all

with age and physical decline tolerance trumps patience. if it doesn’t, loneliness might be in the cards.

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Forgetfulness helps

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So you can boast to other self-proclaimed intellectuals about having read it. It’s very common.


what happens when someone asks questions or wants to have a conversation about it? the risk of looking like a fool or a liar would seem to outweigh the tiny amount of ego boost, no? seems strange.

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Presumably the people you’re bragging to haven’t read it either.


You just say, “Oh, I read it years ago. I’m a little hazy on the details now.”


risk takers it seems. getting caught being a fake is a hard reputation to lose.

That’s why I always tell the truth about this stuff. I simply say, “I don’t read” or sometimes for comedy relief, “I can’t read”!


I’ve read three of them: The Hobbit and 1984 when I was a teenager and The Handmaid’s Tale just last year.

When I was preparing come to Taiwan to teach English, I realized that I had only ever read one of Shakespeare’s works, Julius Caesar, way back in high school. That would never do for a starry-eyed instructor intent on “making a difference” to my future students. Remembering how I plodded through that tenth grade torture, I opted for something short and sweet, Twelfth Night.

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve only read two works from The Bard. Am I an anomaly here on Forumosa?

IDK. I’ve read more than two. I prefer watching a good film version and reading along. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with wth is going on, especially the histories.

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True. It’s a bit long winded