Bouncing Email to Yahoo

So I am sending a daily email to about 250 people, all of whom have subscribed. Yahoo keeps rejecting the emails. Is there anything that I, or my customers can do to stop this? Note that if I send an individual mail they seem to be able to receive it.

This may have been asked before, but I have searched here and on Yahoo and can’t seem to find a reason. I assume it is something to do with their anti-spam policy but this really isn’t spam.

In the last few days someone sent me two e-mails from one Yahoo address to another, but I didn’t receive either of them. I can see from a copy that she sent to another address that she used my correct Yahoo e-mail address. Strange.

Maybe you should establish a “Yahoo Groups” account and have your audience/clients subscribe via individual invitation, guaranteeing that your emails are not seen as spam and blocked.

But what if most of my customers are not Yahoo members?

One thing I don’t like about Yahoo is how certain large files automatically end up in the trash folder. I don’t know what settings to adjust to stop this behavior.

Ok confession time, I found a mistake in the email address…doh!

Did you spell it ayooh instead of yahoo…??

You establish the group account with yahoo and invite people with any email address to join the group.

Llama lout, not sure I want to enhance Yahoo’s business though especially when I choose not to use them myself. Thanks for the tip though.