Bowel movement or lack of it

I have not have a dump for a 2 days ( I am a one a day guy, you could synchronize the Atmoic clock to me I’m so regular in that respect) and my farts are peeling the paint off the walls

Any ideas???

Drug stores sell laxative over the counter - overnight pills or suppository. Or eat a good dose of something fibrous, like corn.

Prunes - lots of 'em. Prune juice does the trick too. Better than going the laxative route.

2-3 a day is normal…eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and bran…you’ll be back to normal soon.

There are “special” plums that you can buy. 2 hours later you’ll be running (screaming) to the toilet.

i think a quick trip to the doctor may be in order.
you may have a bacteria of some sort that you picked up recently.

I had it a while.


A friend recently announced to me that she and her friends have discovered a clinic in Taipei that provides colonics for NT$150. Funniest damned thing I’ve heard in a long time. Bunch of young, sexy shaojies shooting water up their asses in an effort to clean out the toxins. Perhaps a roto-rooter job will help, though you’ll probably make a poofing sound when you walk away from the clinic :laughing: .

Also had a good laugh about the paint-peeling farts you wrote about. That must have been you on the MRT the other day who cleared out an entire car :laughing: .

Seriously though, I agree with KenTaiwan. Go see the doc. You’ve probably got some sort of bug.

So what happened? Did it end with a bang or a whimper?

it ended by waking up with a hangover and having the longest and most solid dump in the world. I felt 10 kgs lighter after it… can’t say the toilet was the most accomdating though… damn thing !!! had to break it up to get it to go under the U turn

thank you for sharing …and so much information, too :laughing:

I think we need a ‘steaming poop’ smiley.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: EEEEEW

Hey, ain’t you heard about Grice’s maxim of quantity?


I suggest modest amounts of prune juice with your Grape Nuts. See how your body reacts to that. For lunch you can have Kaopectate and Pepto Bismol.

Is that dumps or farts?

Anyway - All-Bran works wonders - I bought out Florida Bakery’s entire stock of 3 packets. Maybe they have restocked by now.