Bowls for the microwave

I bought some bowls at Wellcome that said on the bottom that they were good for the microwave, but after a few goes sections started melting. I had some good-size (could make pasta for three people, at least) at home. Where can I find them here? Taipei.
Thanks. :smiley:

Any white ceramic bowl should be fine.

I also use porcelain bowls and plates, and the Lock & Lock brand plastic food storage containers. There are imitations out there, so make sure the brand is correct. I bought mine at RT Mart, but Wellcome, Geant or Carrefour might have them too.

Bowls with metal on them (e.g., gold rims) or in them (e.g., black or red iron as a colorant in, for example, plastic bowls mimicking lacquerware) seem to be particularly bad choices for the microwave.

In general, there are two more rules to follow:

  1. Remember that while the microwaves won’t affect most plastics or ceramic, the heat of the food can, so if you have an oily food, if it’s overheated in the microwave, the oil can melt some non-heat-resistant plastics.

  2. Buy only one bowl, and put a little food in it and start heating it, for, say, half a minute. Stop, and feel the bowl. If the bowl is getting hot faster than the food, then it’s absorbing the microwaves, and is a bad choice; don’t buy more of that kind.

Corelle is good, btw-- it’s a ceramic, but it’s baked a special way so that it becomes very strong. They also clean easily and stack efficiently, so they’re good for small cupboards.

City Super, basement of Far Eastern shopping mall on Tunhwa South Road, or the supermarket in the new Sogo on Chungsiao East Road.

On a similar theme, where can I find other such microwave accessories?

In particular, I am looking for those griddle-like microwave plates that come with a plastic dome to stop splattering (for meats, etc) or for steaming.

If you are not sure what I mean, here are some pictures

I tried Carrefour and they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.