Braces in Taiwan

Hi all,
Hoping someone can help, I am soon to be visiting Taiwan from the UK, I have orthodontist braces on and I will be missing some of my visits to have them adjusted (tightened) , would I be able to book an appointment to have this done while in Taiwan also what’s the price without medical insurance.

Many thanks

How long are you here for?
Your orthodontist is okay with you going to a different orthodontist?

1 year I can’t see it being a problem it has to be done

1 year is a long visit.
I had braces here and it cost 120,000ntd with a 30,000ntd deposit.

I am not sure what they would charge you and I think your current orthodontist would need to hand over information about your treatment and x-rays etc.

I think you need to contact orthodontists in near where you will be staying for your visit and see if they can do it for you.