Brazilia jiujitsu club Taiwan

Bored of the same weeknight events, going to pubs and clubs, doing the same thing each and every night? Or do you have any jiu-jitsu or grappling experience and would like to continue training or learn?in Currently there are clubs north, center, and south… email me at

Why is it called brazilia? Are you brazilian?

I think it’s kind of the same reason some people say Chinese gongfu, Italian cooking, or something like that. When someone says they do Brazilian jujitsu I instantly think of the Graices. And as soon as I think of the Gracies I think of Rickson. If you’ve ever seen Rickson fight (which I’m assuming you must have) and you practiced the same “Brazilian” style jutjitsu, I bet you would call it Brazilian jujitsu too (to keep it separate from the other styles of jujitsu).

If you’re reffering to why they wrote brazilia instead of Brazilian, I can only assume it to be a spelling mistake (those happen all the time).