Breach of contract-school refusing to pay me

My contract states I will be paid on the 15th of each month. The school I work for is witholding my payment this month because they stated they changed the payment date to next month…

I am wondering if anybody knows what type of lawyer I should hire to scare them into paying me my salary and what is the average cost for a lawyer that deals with this kind of situation?


So they are going to pay you two month’s pay next month?

I assume that will be the case. Which is not in my contract.

15th? Is it a public or private school?


Where did they “state” this?

‘Oh my schedule change, none of my classes are running until next month”


The payment date is stated in my contract. They told me about witholding my salary in school wheni did not receive my payment yesterday.

Your situation sounds totally wrong compared to my knowledge. I’d guess you won’t need a lawyer–I’d inquire again and point out your understanding payment should be monthly in Taiwan and that it is stated in your contract, and if you can’t get agreement, earnestly mention you’ll need to inquire with the MoL about it. That should probably do it but if not I’d be going to the MoL Workforce Development Agency.

Thank you for the advice. I will be heading to the ministry of labor first and see if my contract falls under the guidelines of a legitimate contract.

I had an adult student once tell me her company did this. It is a big red flag that they have cash flow problems. I’d say they either pay up as agreed or you won’t keep teaching as you take the risk they will just go under stiffing you even more wages as they did to that student


Yep, any time a private company/ school starts making things up about money you’re owed, make sure you document up the wazoo and demand that money right away. It can be cash flow or because of fines cuz someone reported them for something sufficiently illegal for the government to actually come in and investigate, but you’ll be SOL if the money isn’t in your hands already.

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Just to be clear, I think it’s the Department of Labor/Labor Bureau you’re supposed to go to, rather than just rocking up at the Ministry of Labor.

Like here for Taipei. (I’m not sure whether it has different names in different cities.)

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Thank you for the replies. I was told to go to the city hall building in new taipei city since the private school i work for is in tucheng

“none of your classes are running until next month”

q. have you taught yet for this company or have you just started?

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