Break contract and search another job in Taiwan


I am working with one company from 2 months and I did contract of two years with company. But I was searching jobs in another big firms, so now I want to work in new brand company. So how can I break contract? Is it legal? Can labor dept. blacklist me from Taiwan?

what will happen if I break the contract in company in taiwan.

Most jobs are covered by the Labor Standards Act. If this includes your job, you need a reason to terminate the contract as in Art. 14, for example if your employer underpays you.

If the contract says you can terminate it for another reason, you can.

If you leave without properly terminating the contract, you can get in trouble.

If in doubt, ask the labor department or a lawyer.


My reason is that I thought the working conditions will be different but
current company is very small so I want to change to a new international
company. So do I need to talk with my company first or labor dept. Of


As I said, it depends on what kind of job it is (i.e. whether or not the Labor Standards Act or another law applies) and what the contract says.

You can find the labor department at City Hall in the city where you work.


Thank you very much