Breaking a lease

Anyone have any idea what would happen if I broke my lease at my apartment? I have signed a one year lease and now have an opportunity to move closer to work and with some better roommates. I have given my landlord my passport number but not a copy of my passport. Through talking to friends, I am under the assumption that there is nothing that will happen except the loss of my one months deposit.
I had asked at the time of signing what the eventualities would be had I decided to break the lease and my landlord said that it would be my responsibility to find someone to take over. I do not have the time nor the inclination to do this. Considering that she (landlord) told me some things about the place that were untrue, I don’t feel that I have any obligation, moral that is, to hold up my end of the verbal bargain. She mentioned how quiet the place and neighbourhood was and after moving in I had to deal with construction on the roof for two weeks followed by construction of a new apartment building outside my bedroom window that is still ongoing. Not a problem if I worked days, but I don’t and the construction goes on six days a week starting somewhere around 7am.

What is the best way out? Just do a midnight move before rent is due? Talk to her and explain my situation? Try to put off paying rent as long as I can and then leave?

Any and all advice welcome,


AFAIK you are subjected to a month’s worth of penalty. That’s it.

Tell your landlord you are moving out, he/she can keep a month deposit and that’s it.

I think the normal procedure is that you lose your deposit. That’s it. The other stuff… That’s empty threats. Relax and move out.

My contract says penalty is one month but deposit is 3, so I would expect to get back two.

Rascal, if you are lucky. Very lucky.

Well, it’s actually my employers’ money (company contract, so they also provide the deposit).
Guess that makes me lucky if I ever decide to leave in the cover of the night … :wink:

The island you mean?

Which of your numerous mistresses did you impregnate? :laughing: