Breaking contract and transferring ARC to new school

Hi I’ve been working for over a year with my current school. I have nothing bad to say about them, but I’ve been offered a better job. In order to start with my new school in August. I’d be breaking my contract about 6 months early. My contract has a clause about giving them 90 days notice (which isn’t possible, I’d be giving them 20 days notice) and paying a fine for leaving (which I’ve heard isn’t legal). I’m not so worried about this as I am about them letting me go. I need them to cancel my ACR sponsorship so I can make my new school my number #1 sponsor. What if they don’t want to be helpful with the cancellation paperwork? Would quitting and filing for a 6 month ARC extension be a better option?

I’ve researched the hell out of this but am still unsure of the right course of action because I don’t know how they’ll respond. Any advice is appreciated.

The fine is and isn’t legal. They can demand it, even sue you for it, but they can’t take it out of your salary, as I understand it. It sounds like you should do as you planned and if they don’t do what they should, first threaten to, then actually go to the Ministry of Labor (in older posts called the CLA) and report them. While they can still make trouble and slow things down if they’re in a fighting mood, that usually shakes things loose.

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