Breaking contract with a public school

If you broke contract with a public school I’m assuming you could no longer work in Taiwan right?
I’m not at a public school but looking into them and just thinking hypothetically. Let’s say the school is shit and you want out. Would that be the end of your teaching opportunities in Taiwan?

No. It might make it a bit harder for you to get hired elsewhere in Taiwan, but I don’t think it necessarily spells the end.

Isn’t there some rule whereby if you break contract during the first year of your work sponsored ARC you can get into trouble getting an ARC in the future?

I think you would only have trouble getting another job at a public school. I don’t think it would affect getting a job at a buxiban. I believe public schools do have a 1 month salary penalty for breaking their contract though. As in if you break the contract there is a chance you will have to pay them 1 months salary.

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For some reason I thought there was also a blacklist of foreign employees that are barred from teaching in Taiwan. I thought I read somewhere that breaking contract with Taiwan MOE is a quick way to screw over future employment opportunities.
I guess that’s only if you really fuck up though.
I’m thinking more along the lines of if I just don’t like the school and want to move on (I’d be fine with a penalty and doing buxibans).

Is the blacklist real? I know there was a thread a long time ago with links, but they are all broken now.

I think as long as you give a notice you would be fine. The previous teacher before me left with a notice, she was here for less than a year. I believe she was able to get another job teaching at a high school.

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No I don’t know if there is actually a blacklist. I just remember reading about it somewhere but I really have no idea.
Thanks for the reply, good to hear your coworker was able to move on.

If you are hesitant about how you’d fare at a public school, I wouldn’t take the job to begin with. Yes, you will have trouble with getting a new ARC/ job within the same broken contract period even if you give proper notice to prematurely end it. If they’re pissed at you shortchanging them, then they might try to make things difficult for you.


That’s pretty much any job.


Ya for sure! I am very interested in working at a public school and know it would be a good fit for me. I’m just a little hesitant about the one I’m looking into since it’s new to having a foreign teacher. I did message someone on here who worked at a first year FET school and they said it flowed pretty well/had enough support so maybe I’m over thinking it. Public gigs are pretty slim pickings right now in desirable locations so I feel like maybe I should jump on it.

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What did the school do?

The OP was asking a hypothetical question. I think it’s what might the school do