Breaking contracts

My contract ends the end of August but the school and I have fallen out and I’m thinking of simply leaving in June and losing half a month’s salary. I would like to resume legal employment and return to the same area in September. I can’t get clear information about the “blacklist” in Taoyuan County and how that could effect me getting a new ARC with my new employers. The school has apparently already had two previous teachers deported and blacklisted.
I’d be grateful to hear about anyone else’s similar experiences and the outcome?

This kind of problem has been reported in this Forum before.

Obviously, it is not going to go away unless someone stands up and takes legal action.

With that being said, you should stay in your present position until your contract is up – that shows that you are not the person who broke the contract. If the company wants to fire you, then we can take legal action against them, and the Department of Education, and you can hopefully move into some other type of work. (in some other field, for example.)

What happens if you do break a contract before it’s up?