Breeze center supermarket

guess this branch is the best place for this post.

I’ve become something of a supermarket junkie since coming to Taiwan and have finally come across something approaching a real one. in the basement of the newish breeze center mall on fushing b[/b] near citizens b[/b] blvd is a quite astonishing Japanese managed joint. open and airy, plenty of cashiers. some highlights–a drool inducing cheese counter, a rack of thai spices that literally left me agape, honest to mao tsingtao beer, and all kinds of stuff that one would normally associate with a small tienmu grocery and not a central taipei supermarket. i didn’t have time to give the place a full workover and am looking forward to returning!

Yeah, it’s the only place in that entire complex, aside from the movie theater, that doesn’t cater exclusively to women. They sell stuff like pop-tarts, frozen dinners, and 372 kinds of fruit juice.