Brently's Taipei Kitchen now open for orders

This has been a while in the creation, but I’m fully ready new orders. I make a variety of food items. See my blog (still in the making) for details:

Sounds good, but where are the prices? More details, please! :notworthy:

Is this wholesale, B2B, and therefore in this forum area? Or is it retail, in which case you might want to post in the Food Forum? I too am looking forward to more details. And good luck with this! :slight_smile:

I moved it into the Business Directory forum from the Food Forum - it doesn’t matter if it’s retail or wholesale. It’s a Forumosan business.

I’m still working out wholesale prices on supplies and ingredients from a couple suppliers. As soon as I’ve finalized these deals, I’ll post prices. I’m trying to keep costs down, therefore offer better prices to my customers. At the moment, I’m buying most things from Wellcome – not the cheapest route, of course.

If anyone can recommend great places to get bulk items - fresh produce, spices, etc. – please let me know: I’m also looking for bulk restaurant supplies: plastic takeout containers for sauces, soups, etc.

Thanks for your interest and good wishes, guys. Check the blog in a few days and there should be more updated information, along with a few additions to the items offered.


Thanks to everyone for your support and interest, and for being so patient as I get things set up. I’ve posted prices for some items and have added to the menu. Much more to come still – one day at a time.

Check out the updated menu: