I’ve looked into how much property and land in UK is in the hands of how many families and large corporations.
It’s pretty illuminating for me that it’s a very unequal society.

So I think it’s interesting people accept that as being a right that some people or companies can just inherit enormous amounts of land or resources because of who their parents were. They didn’t do anything for it. There is nothing democratic about it.


Electing judges means they need to follow populist measures and essentially become politicians.
Not a good idea.


There is also nothing democratic about people being born more beautiful or smarter than other people either. Perhaps we should do something about that? You’re constructing a complete strawman.

People have a right to complain about their democratic will being overturned in such a manner. In a third world country we’d call it tyranny, but first world countries are somehow special little snowflakes so we pretend that it’s something else, something perfectly acceptable.

When people do finally rebel against all of this, everyone is going to throw their hands in the air and wonder where it all came from. Apres moi, le deluge, indeed.


Oh so the House of Lords and the Queen are strawmen.
Aristocrats that own 1/3 of the land and don’t pay tax on it like the suckers in the cities. Prince Charles and his duchy looking after his workers he’s jolly nice though. Planning laws that stop almost any new development and drive up the cost of living for the rest. Seem very real to me. Try changing THAT. Try getting a referendum on THAT.

B-b-but the EU …the furriners…something blar blar. It’s the EU wot created sports direct and zero hours. It’s the EU wot sold ur factories and made our students financial pawns. How convenient. That is the real straw man. It’s been so successful it’s got Maggie Thatcher the II in power and presenting herself as the savior from her own parties policies. Try that one for size!

Wot no mention of the trumpster and guns and the constitution. Have you got lost?
Foxnews is dat-a-way ----->


The royal prerogative

The government’s position is that it is legally able to trigger article 50 using the royal prerogative. The royal prerogative constitutes the powers the monarch used to have, and which are now enacted through the government of the day. It has long been an established part of the UK’s unwritten constitution that the royal prerogative cannot be used to make or alter the law made by parliament.

For all the idiots moaning about this they should lean about the history of the royal prerogative and how the civil war occurred where parliament was ultimately sovereign! Read a book for christs sake.


Compared to what? Do you disapprove of democracy?


I disprove of elected judges. I wouldn’t elect my doctor either.


I get what you’re saying. Personally, I don’t think land titles should be held ‘in perpetuity’ - some kind of lease would be fairer. However, overturning the entire basis of property law is going to take some doing.


It’s been done in other countries hundreds of years ago. It seems this has been taking…a while.


Fine. I’ll just appoint Dr. Mengele to look at your hemorrhoids.


Now now don’t be so offensive Mr autistic. In the real world we try to make actual jokes.


No it hasn’t. Virtually every nation-state on the planet has the same system. Those that don’t assume that all land belongs to the State. Private ownership, I would suggest, is the lesser evil.


Major land reform has been pursued in many European countries over one hundred to two hundred years ago. Even taiwan had significant land reform in the 50s during a martial law era.


Well, you are not British. Trust me , this is not good. Friends of mine who are deep remainders, think this is abysmal. If you think ripping out the last scraps of British civil society and all trust in the political class is good, well you are saying that from the vantage point of not being British. The major political parties will sign their death warrant if they do this. The only people who want this are the wealthy Guardian set. Most remainers don’t want this. Will be a nightmare. Get any money you have in the UK out asap


Look at the rabidness of the papers . Who the fack are those tabloids to write about officials like that?
Look at the invective thrown at foreigners (including fellow Europeans and hard working migrants) or people with different views by the now government. They took the low road and continued on down it.

This fellow was a Tory MP and he’s had enough of this undemocratic government trying to use executive powers from the monarchy to usurp parliaments sovereign power.

I can see there are problems there when people take the lead from the Sun and the Daily Mail. Government by the ignorant mob (who don’t know their own history) doesn’t usually work out too well.

Not the end of the world though. Still a chance for decent more reasonable folks to have their say at some point .
I wouldn’t be taking my money out though I’d be buying those cheap assets up. Cos the economy is supposed to BOOM any day now. It’s going to BOOM they’ll be trading cotton with India and spices with the Dutch. Gold sovereigns for everybody come Christmastide.

I’m a Sun reader and I approve these boobs.
I mean BOOM!

Back in the real world…soft Brexit actually does mean BOOM…


The irony is strong in this statement…given the history between Britain and Ireland lol.


I have no idea what you are saying. What do you know about the history between the UK and Ireland? Where is the irony ? Confused.


That’s just the crappy newspapers, trust me, their were myriad social and economic reasons people voted for Brexit and few were because of racism. Just media spin


Meh. With what result? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. All land reform programs end up with large tracts of land in the hands of favoured friends. That’s what land reform programs are for, usually.


Not true from personal experience. Both my own family and my in laws gained their land through land reform. The government passed laws to break up large landholdings and give them to tenant farmers. They only passed those laws after widespread agitation and war in some cases. Obviously THEY didn’t think it was better to be landless serfs.

In fact in England land reform and political agitation has a fascinating history all of it it’s own I encorage people to read about it , the current Brexit politics is nothing compared to the massive political movements back in the 19th century. Back then there were actually many progressive thinkers and people who were willing to push for a better society and experiment against major odds. They didn’t always succeed but they didn’t throw up their hands and say ‘the new lot will be the same as the old lot’.

As for gaining land yes you cant share it among a lot of descendants , but it gives families a boost up and some core assets.