Well what I said is the legal definition so whoever this is, he’s wrong.


He’s the Home Secretary.


Badaboom! :rofl:


Then the UK needs a new Home Secretary that understands the difference.


Understands the difference between EU laws and the laws they are able to implement once outside the EU?


Fwee Twade!
Take back contwol!
350 million squid a week!

Biggest con ever.


Gordon Brown… didn’t he sell all of England’s gold at the bottom around 250+/-50. :slight_smile:


Yup. The Brown Bottom, they called it.

Honestly, they should just recruit random homeless people off the streets to run the country. They could hardly do a worse job than the present incumbents if they just sat in parliament drinking white lightning and mumbling to themselves. That’s pretty much what the elected rabble do anyway.


Yea he actually pushed the price of gold down by announcing in advance that he was selling off hundreds of tonnes of gold in one go. Basically just trashed the public interest.

Is it just idiocy + coincidence that private interests make billions off the tax payer through out of this kind of thing though.


And a couple of years after he did that, he became leader of the country. Politics: the only job on the planet where you can be an abject failure and still get promoted.

Ah, no, wait, there’s also bankers and nutritionists.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.


I was reading that Brown’s sell off cost the country almost as much as Black Wednesday. Totally nuts to auction off half our gold reserves at the end of a bear market.

It’s amazing how he managed to maintain his prudent image. There’s an, inadvertently of course, hilarious quote from Polly Toynbee which I’ll try and hunt down.

I can’t find the quote I have in my mind, but this will do:

“…the iron chancellor who broke the boom-and-bust cycle with his bare hands.”
Polly Toynbee, December 2006

Yes, riiiight.


I noticed nobody actually commented about universal credit. I’ve looked into it and I believe it was one of the key factors behind Brexit. It is now being rolled out across the UK . It’s going to make the poor poorer. It’s actually designed to have delays of months and months whereby recipients have no income whatsoever and they have to completely rely on charity and food banks. British people are even moving to Ireland now because of far more generous welfare system (Ireland increased social welfare payments again this year ) and also higher wages at the bottom and mid tier.

Meanwhile…more sponging off the state. When will it end!
People with their hands out expecting everything to be given to them…They multiply like rabbits.

Universal credit would sort em out.


Yea himself and Blair gave the country a good one two combo of fake war followed by financial self destruct. Followed up then by Cameron having a laugh with various referrenda.


Oh really? Fascinating hypothesis, Whatever the final decision of a Democratic vote, if the individual uses an ideal you disagree with , that vote should be ignored…and this or that …MUST be the reason for them voting against my wishes.? Am I getting the gist of it ? Silly me thought every vote counted as equal.


By design they have to wait five weeks minimum for any income. Many must wait months. In many cases these are people that are ALREADY on social welfare and disability payments !

Those people are going to be angry and also looking around for somebody to blame. The govt, foreigners, the EU, whatever.


DailyMail was for Leave and saying it was all Project Fear.
Now they are spreading Fear.


Who got the Brexfactor?


Project Fear at it again. Actually the headline doesn’t do the content justice, it’s actually worse than the headline.
Country that can’t feed itself realises it will have to fly in food as it deliberately boots itself out of both the single market and customs union. Prices will increase , shortages may occur and there will be discontent. Madness.

Lucky the right guys are at the negotiating table.

'International Trade Secretary Liam Fox this week reiterated his prediction that a no deal scenario was more likely than not.

“I’ve said that the chance of a no deal is 60% and I’m not changing that view,” he said.’



Fact is it’s going to be no deal and a nightmare for the UK or a compromise on the Chequers plan which the EU already told them is unacceptable. My bet is that the Tories and the business set in the UK would do almost anything not to see red Jeremy in the driving seat! Compromise it is then.