What result ? For being outside of which market ? For which migration policy ? For what trade policy ? For what economic impact (the UK civil service has already assessed all of this but hid it from the public)

Right now Brexit result is all things to all people.
And why not have another vote to make the choices a lot clearer. it’s already over two years of chaos there. No deal will be seriously damaging and there is No mandate for that either. A lot of fringe groups auch as DUP and ERG are driving the process. The DUP aren’t even the government in Northern Ireland ! One Minister for Brexit after another was a sham.

But as I said parliamentary vote or general election on a mandate is easier right now. That may not work out either though. If this current chequers plan collapses and May gets booted out all bets are off.


May’s deal all along has been designed not to pass the house.
Essentially asking permission from the EU to leave is enough to bin it.
Only a fool or fanatic would support her deal.
Her goal is to be in a position to be able to offer a 2nd referendum which would bring the UK back into the EU.
Project fear 2 which will now increase has been running for 2 years. This is designed to make the serfs think staying in the EU is the only option. The BBC - one of the promoters of PF2 do nothing with the pro EU muppet and his placards when they interview people as seen above. He is all the people concentrate on when they watch those videos.
The previous referendums for the Nice treaty or Lisbon among others that were rejected within the EU - were ignored or they voted again until things went the EU’s way.

The last thing the EU (soon to be USE) want is an example of a country leaving and being able to go alone. The dominoes would fall… Italy, Hungry, Poland…

People think the EU is what it is now and it will stay the same. That is not the agenda. As these people said last week, they want an EU army next. Was it the French stooge who said there will be no more countries, only federal states.
And then there is the EU open borders and the UN migration pact vote next month. Utter madness.
Thankfully, countries with self respect are not going to sign.


Or project crazy (brexit) is running towards its final stage.
Did you think the EU would accept a Singapore like state, which can profit by undermining EU rules. Wake up!


kind of shows how weak the UK is to allow itself to have the Brexit terms be dictated by the actual entity, the EU, it wants to leave. utter and complete weakness. sad to see it’s fallen so far since Thatcher, who would never look so weak at the bargaining table…


The usual paranoia passing as comment.

The UK won’t be in the EU come next year. It will have a transition agreement allowing it to participate in a customs union like scheme for the foreseeable future.

Not being a customs union arrangement with the EU is going to cause huge economic harm to the UK. Almost no businesses are for that. What the UK is being offered is a pretty good deal from the EU side perspective . That’s all the UK is going to get. The EU isn’t going to negotiate any substantial change at this stage. They are very united and want to get it over with. Also most Tories and businesses are focused on getting a great trade agreement going forward.

The UK isn’t as economically powerful as it once was, no empire to extract resources from or preferentially market products to.


Isn’t that the only way the EU can make any decision. In other words, the UK who can’t unite their own country has to unit the EU behind their stupid Brexit plan?


What plan ? :joy:

The EU is performing a very important role in cutting through the hogwash .

It’s saying, this is the deal, take it or leave it. You are leaving anyway so it’s up to you !


Ironically enough, part of Cameron’s logic’ for the Russian roulette referendum was "to unite the conservative party’.


Britain is offered customs union like agreement without having to pay into EU budget and also gets control of immigration . Northern Ireland gets a privileged position accessing EU and UK markets. No major disruption and UK is in a good place.

Meanwhile Raab ‘i didn’t know Dover Calais is important’ claims it is bullied. If there is no deal brexit then EU members are going to offer bugger all
afterwards. Spain will kick off with Gibraltar, France , Ireland, Italy or Poland with something else. UK will be in for years and years of political turmoil and major economic disruption (unemployment, companies shutting down, emergency budgets). Once out you’re out. Never going to get a better deal.


I dunno, I think its a pretty bad deal becasue it will leave the UK without a voice in European institutions, I mean what kind of a leave deal would give the UK no MEPs!!!


May’s deal is like getting a divorce, paying a shit load of money for it and if you want a new partner you have to ask you ex for permission.
These globalists or modern imperialists will stop at nothing it seems for their agenda.
They talked about crashing the financial markets:


Pay your dues and stop moaning. Queen Victoria didn’t whine like a baby.


Also if you are going to link to fake news do a better job.

Sunday Times, No byline, author , link?

Let me guess, copy and paste from Facebook…


“It’s fake news”


Under pay wall.
Don’t know if actually in there. Nothing came up when I searched on Google news.

A source who has discussed something with May’s aides is not a ‘source’ anyway. Peter tells Paul tells Jane is now a source for the Sunday Times ?

How come the wording is so similar to this Telegraph article in June ?

But at that time she was accused of taking a kamakazi approach to CAUSE a no deal brexit.
Now she’s beings accused of taking a kamakazi approach to PREVENT a no deal brexit.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.


Always gets the tone wrong. Insult the stronger party in negotiations doesn’t get anybody anywhere !
What, British don’t want to live and work in the EU?

Some way to talk about all the Europeans living legally in the UK…As equal members of a club that the UK freely signed up to.

Is she saying that she wants British people to apply fir a visa every time that go on holiday in Spain or France …thats what it sounds like. Retire in Spain…Better wait in the queue.


It’s what happens when you put a remainer in charge of Brexit. To make an analogy, I love high board diving, but you have to commit. Watching May is like watching someone who wants to dive from a high board but shits their pants at the last moment grabbing whatever they can and has everyone wondering if she will even survive. If that’s who is in charge, despite staying out the first time round, I’ll sign up and just to say she shouldn’t be in charge of a bunsen burner let alone Brexit.

Some will say that’s by design, I will respectfully disagree, I know a shit their pants kind of person when I see them, May doesn’t have the stones. Replace her, have a new referendum, I hope to god they don’t walk into the final stages of Brexit with May at the helm, cos shes so scared of what will happen she has her eyes closed and so scared for her life she’s forgotten she needs to steer the boat.


It’s not her fault completely. It’s crazy to put so much expectation on one individual to deal with all the dissension internally and externally. If we look at the other candidates they dont seem to have the fortitude for the job. Mays fortitude is indeed impressive, although it may be the wrong tactic and wrong person for the job, leading to the UK running out of time and No Deal as the consequence!

The biggest error on her part was calling an unnecessary general election.

The UK govt and media was spinning it for the last two years that the EU states would bend the rules and make even more exceptions for the UK. But they will never bend on the single market or else all the other 27 members wants special deals too! Basically the promised land of having cake and eating it never existed. Many have seen through buffoon Boris by now…His name doesn’t come up anymore as next PM material. Very telling.

This latest tone deaf approach to please the internal audience isn’t going to go down well with European member states. It comes off as very arrogant and insincere, just at the time that she needs European partners to show a little bit more flexibility, even in the wording of the agreement.

I’m certainly not cheering a No Deal brexit on, bad for the UK and Ireland but most of the continent will shrug their shoulders and go back to their wine and frites without too much bother.


I agree on the general election, who has these high paying advisers jobs, I could do with one of them.

“yes prime minister May if you hold an election right after a contentious Brexit referendum,the votes are going to split exactly the same way they did in the referendum” Which they did, predictably, and not favorably to the Conservatives like she thought.

Yeah, I get the crowd watching and saying to themselves, “these people are dumb”.


Well David Cameron is the poster boy of poor decisions AND lack of guts for many. May is not lacking willpower I feel and is taking an extraordinary drubbing from all sides.