Just checked with Oddschecker.

They have her heavy odds on favorite to win a no confidence vote.


Terrible mess of things in the UK. At least the EU is well managed.


who the hell is mariee lee reee?


Ha . I just enjoyed the music


May survivies…Last one standing in the jungle.


I gotta say i expected more from British politics. Germans being Germans they played their hand though, negotiate better, but like always cutting their own branch. I strongly believe Britain will find own way… meanwhile will enjoy weaker pound.

Went for a trip to London, and was total surprised, deeply sad how many junkies are on the streets at night. Make me happy i have an apartment in Budapest. As kiddo, city was shit place to me. Now some parts of London look like third world while i do feel totally safe in Budapest. Got new neighbors, there are some dutch folks from Brussels. Can not wait to make it permanent residency there


Hungary has a strong leader that is trying to prevent illegals from trying to live on the dole in its country.


Yes Strong and Stable.


You’re right. I was in London a couple of years ago and the place is a dump. The streets are crawling with highly dubious people, there’s trash everywhere, the buildings look like they’ve been imported from Soviet Russia. Even the normal people all look miserable.

British people seem to have lost their will to live. They don’t really care anymore. They just turn up at work, watch TV all evening, get ratfaced all weekend, and then do it all again on Monday. Maybe they can get someone from Brussels over to close the door and switch off the lights.

Can’t believe May is still hanging on by her fingernails. She’s channeling Chamberlain, and there’s no Cooper or Churchill to give her a kick up the ass.


One of her MPs told her “stamina is not a strategy”. Rees-Mogg reckons she’s being disingenuous about promising to stand down before 2022 because she used the word “intention”.

You’ve got to admire the woman’s resolve to remain in power, if little else. More than a third of her MPs are against her.


That guy cracks me up. He’s got an endless supply of old-school sarcasm to hurl around in debates. I can’t tell if he has any practical competence, but he seems to have a nuanced handle on important issues and understands what “Conservative” is supposed to mean.

I suppose so, but you could have said the same about Stalin.


He understands how to put on a fake accent and hedge his bets with the funds he owns.

I also know what a ‘shambles’ is because of Mogg. It’s a butchers slaughterhouse apparently.


I’m pretty sure that’s his real accent. Surely you’ve heard his dad speak?

It’s a slaughterhouse and/or butchery district. A lot of British towns have a road called “the Shambles”.


A shambles may derive from the shape of the table legs that used to be used in butcher’s shops.


Just looked it up. Supposedly:

“…probably from the Anglo-Saxon Fleshammels (literally ‘flesh-shelves’), the word for the shelves that butchers used to display their meat.”



I’ve found that shambles was a thousand years ago a footstall.

It was definitely furniture related before it got used for places of butchery.


Pretty much. I was quite shocked working in London how little people take ownership of their work. As a finance industry temp you’d regularly get called over at 5.30 and told to finish work of a permanent staff member who couldn’t be arsed finishing their tasks.

Plus Monday’s barely exist, 30% minimum absenteeism.


Here’s a weird un. He started with a posho accent and it just got more and more exaggerated over the years. .


Jesus Finley what would you write if you actually disliked somewhere ? :joy:

Where can I subscribe to your weekly newsletter ‘Tales from the Dump’?


At least Mogg generally gives reasonable responses to questions which are put to him.
May concentrates on avoiding the actual question - she’s quite the politician’s politician. Should’ve been long gone.