You have a point somewhat although France and Spain would always have massive leverage in the next phase, with or without a backstop. EU countries have been pretty soft towards the UK so far contrary to the British press. This exit agreement is supposed to be the easy bit !

The biggest mistake of course was activating Article 50 prior to having a solid position. Now the much pilloried ECJ have thrown the UK govt a big bone saying it can be withdrawn.
The UK should start looking at Norway plus or second referendum , I think a hard brexit would be a huge folly when the majority are against it . Probably time to ditch May’s govt already she is just delaying the inevitable .

Her one excellent attribute , perseverance, is actually playing into hard brexiters hands as she continues to run out the clock!


Even in high Leave supporting areas only 33% are okay with No Deal.


That’s funny. I used to live right there. I didn’t realise I’d become such a Stokie.


Maybe you could change your name to Alf Barker.

Hold it a second…You really ARE Alf Barker !


Under international law, refusal to trade is grounds for a just war. Britain should do a hard Brexit, then invade Belgium and Catalonia, breaking up Belgium and Spain.


Yes this makes sense. Plus you can commandeer their Orange and Chocolate supply and sell it back to the natives at 5x the price.


Too right! Those Europeans are getting too big for their boots again. Another little scuffle might thin the herd of gender-fluid whiners.


We have the 48 letters. Looks like May will gone by dinner time.


She’s definitely tough, but looks like she’s going.

What a fucking shambles.


According to all the online news sites Brexit has been “plunged into chaos”. Like it wasn’t already?


May won’t be “gone by dinner time.” Even if she loses the vote, she’ll head a caretaker government until the Tories elect her replacement. This could take a month.


Waste of time her doing the rounds in Europe anyway, they have already said there is no re-negotiating the deal, whats the point in waiting for her to come back and then everyone go through the same process again where she doesn’t have the votes. Move it along and get rid of her.


Way to ruin my metaphor.

OK, May’s reign as PM will effectively be ended when a no-confidence vote succeeds against her later today.



The Uk entered the negotiations as the 2nd strongest economy in europe and the 2nd biggest contributor to the eu funds ponzi scheme, and yet May handled the negotiations like a beggar. Jesus Christ almighty, the level of incompetence she has shown is unbelievable. Good riddance.


So the chances of the UK delaying Brexit go up, and the chances of a “people’s vote” go down.


But … which equally-incompetent twit is in the running to replace her?


This man, take one step forwards.



that is not an endorsement, btw


Blaming May on the Brexit shambles…one person isn’t responsible for the mess.


The British govt and media overestimated their hand from the start. While it’s an important economy and contributor there are 28 countries in the EU and the UK didn’t exactly make a lot of friends in the union. Ireland should be UKs closest friends (even if more aligned with EU group ) but then the Tories decided to buddy up with the DUP and to destroy the GFA…