Bride gives birth during wedding … ng_Wedding

Well not quite, she had time to finish the ceremony and attend the reception before rushing off to the hospital. Baby was premature, but still they kinda cut it close didnt they? Probably shouldve had the ceremony a bit earlier?

i don’t think 5 weeks before due day is “cutting it close”. 1 one perhaps :wink:
the article don’t say she had any problems during pregnancy and could risk a premature birth, so why not go ahead - she could have given birth later than due day, sometimes you can’t predict these things.

The kid missed illegitimacy by this much!

(Or gained it by eight months, depending on how you look at it.)

So, did she cuss and swear during labor? And did this happen up by the altar, with everybody watching? (I hope so.)

“You may now kiss the bride.”