Bride Wars

I thoroughly recommend this movie for the enormous sense of relief when you realize its over, and you never have to put yourself through anything like that again.

I agree! I had the disfortune to watch someone else’s pick of movie last weekend and Bride Wars it was. The men in the movie were nothing more than props. I certainly would not have married the women in the movie. Nothing at all to recomend this movie other than the relief of having lived through it.

Kate Hudson looked OLD! I never even got a stiffy ONCE, which is a first for a Kate Hudson movie for me.

What makes you think that? You still have to let her choose the film again, won’t you?

In this movie she gave me a stiff soul.

So it’s not a cheap porno about jelly wrestling? How disappointing.

No, you’re thinking of the deep-core smurfing movie ‘Smelly Jelly’.