Bring him over to Taiwan for medication?

Hi there,

Just wanna ask your opions about bring my boyfriend to Taipei for medication. He works in Phuket Thailand and broke his foot (foot, not leg) 6 weeks ago. It seems that the doctors there can’t help much, they just gave him a bandage on the foot and keep him waiting for 6 weeks without any check up in between. Then when they finally took off the bandage yesterday and told him that it takes another 6 weeks cause the bone is still broken… :x (imagine no proper shower for 6 weeks in Thailand! and here comes another 6 weeks!!!) So i’m thinking to bring him over for a proper medication and treatment.

The situation is a bit tough cause he is not covered by insurance with his employer yet… and I dont think that we can get any travel insurance plans since he has broken the foot. :frowning: I know it sounds silly but all I could think of is to bring him over for medication and paid by ourselves. Because we dont know anyone in Bangkok or Singapore and we can’t send him back to his home in Europe…

Can anyone give us any suggestions? Is this the best solution for the timebeing?


Come all the way to Taiwan? That seems too extreme for a broken foot.

Aren’t there any good hospitals in Phuket? What about Phuket International Hospital? Or how about Phuket Adventist Hospital, which has foreigner services like the Adventist Hospital here in Taipei?

Or how about somewhere closer to Phuket than Taipei?

I am sure there must be some good hospitals in Bangkok. Has your boyfriend contacted his embassy in Bangkok yet? They should be able to recommend several good hospitals to go to where he could get good medical attention from fluent English speaking doctors.

A quick search on turned up these helpful sites. … /Asia.html … =hospitals

Alternatively, if he really feels he must leave Thailand to get good medical care then Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore would be good choices. Again, if you don’t know where to go, check with his embassy for recommendations or do an internet search.