Bring out yer Best Euphesims

So I’m reading about Al and Tipper Gore’s apparent separation, and I find this wonderful euphemism “hiking the Appalachian Trail”, which apparently Gov Mark Sanford used to describe his marital infidelity that had serious political repercussions. Digging that out, I found “Ugandan Discussions” to describe illicit sex while performing official duties (which itself can be a euphemism). So I’m thinking, you all are purdy edumacated, what euphemisms do you prefer?

My current favorites are “Parachuting a Senegalese” (taking a dump-ski), “Pat the Robertson” (take a guess), and that old favorite “casualties” to describe those killed during war.

I’ve always been amused at when someone refers to a woman of a certain type as “The Town Bike”

Barber shop.
A full and frank exchange of views
Dropping the kids off at the pool
Shake hands with the wife’s best friend

Is “Euphesims” a typo or a euphemism for “euphemisms”?

It’s a pyto, you maroon.

One of my favorites is the Spanish esposas (literally ‘wives’), which I imagine must have begun as a euphemism, but it is the only term I have ever seen used to indicate ‘handcuffs’.

Hows about “Talk German” (farting)? I think that’s a funny one. :laughing:

a night in with Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters

drain the lizard

the cage is open, but the beast is asleep.