Bringing Back LIVE Music in Taichung #4

Bringing Back LIVE Music in Taichung has worked hard to present you with the 4th event (in the last year) here in central Taichung City. Check out all the information below for more details about tickets, tables, drinks, performers, and more! Thank you for your continued support of live music across Taiwan, and here in our own city!


  1. Collider

  2. Aurora 極光樂團

  3. REID (

  4. Guest appearance by a new 台中 Funk Band!


  1. DJ Weiwei 瑋瑋

  2. Deejay Colin


8/31/2013 – 21:00 - 04:00


We are excited to be having this show at another venue we haven’t previously worked with. XJUNIOR is going make for an exciting night, and if you’ve been around Taichung for a few years then you might remember XAGA, which was their former club, or XCUBE which is also owned by these guys.

X-junior (, which is centrally located in Taichung, is very close to (台中公園旁, 公園路自由路口7-11樓上) Taichung Park, on the 2nd floor, above the 7-11 which is on the corner of Gongyuan Rd. and Ziyou Rd. Plug the following address into Google if you are having a hard time: 台中市中區自由路二段135-1 2F-1


We will announce soon when and where pre-sale tickets will be conveniently made available for purchase–but until then you can call one of the numbers below if you wish to buy a ticket

預售票只是 400NT 當日票只是 500NT 每張票兌換兩杯酒水

Pre-Sale tickets = 400NT /w two FREE drinks
Door tickets = 500NT /w two FREE drinks

All tickets include TWO FREE DRINKS which include beer or cocktails

We are going to be selling a limited number of pre-sale tickets to this show, so as not to overcrowd. We currently have 250 pre-sale tickets available for purchase. Please call one of the numbers below for ticketing:
In English (英文): 0975.822.259
In Chinese 預售票(中文): 0952.538.103


Table reservations do not include the price of a ticket, which is still required to enter the venue

8-10 人 person table = 3000NT + 300NT Service Chage
6-8 人 person table = 2000NT + 200NT Service Charge
4-6 人 person table = 1000NT + 100NT Service Charge
Please call one of the numbers below for reservations:
In English (英文): 0975.822.259
In Chinese 預售票(中文): 0952.538.103

We will be moving out a lot of the tables, but will still have at least six tables (two of each size) remaining for sale inside the venue, for the night of the show. There is a 10% service charge for the tables because you will have a waiter who will take care of you, instead of waiting in the bar line(s).


Each ticket (door or pre-sale) will include TWO FREE DRINKS. 每張票兌換兩杯酒水!

After you redeem your free drink tickets, there will be CHEAP drinks available at the bar for only 100NT! This includes cocktails such as Whiskey/Coke, Vodka/Lime, etc…



Taipei based band Collider play stellar instrumental music. Featuring ex-TO A GOD UNKNOWN,ROCKETGRRL, PUBLIC RADIO and CONSIDER THE MEEK members.
We play instrumental music…hope you like it.

“Post-rock with a haunting, soulful quality, the band’s profoundly moving and cyclical melodies take listeners on a dark and beautiful journey.”
Alita Rickards (Taipei Times)

雖然Collider有主唱但他的聲音就像是音效器, 搖滾中充滿了希望與熱情, 配合著樂團環繞不絕的旋律就像是經歷了一場黑暗卻美麗的旅程


Based in Taichung City, and led by Scottish singer-songwriter Alan McIvor, Aurora is an eclectic rock/pop ensemble whose moody, atmospheric sound, along with McIvor’s absorbing vocal delivery take the listener on an emotion-fueled journey as he effortlessly flows from angelic falsetto to guttural screams, silky R&B, and angst-filled raps. Backing McIvor are veterans of Taiwan’s exploding indie scene: Wade Davis and Peter Holmes (of .22), and electric banjo wielding Sean Luo.

At the heart of it all are the songs – as catchy as they are emotive, with seemingly endless hooks of anthemic quality, and probing lyrics that express in high doses the extremes of joy, rage, tenderness, love, despair and beauty.

Together since the fall of 2009, Aurora has played an array of prestigious gigs, including some of Taiwan’s premier music festivals. They drew an ecstatic crowd at Taiwan’s longest running music and arts festival, Spring Scream, rocked the mainstage at Rock in Taichung, went stripped-down and acoustic for Hengchun Internaional Folk Music Festival, as well as having been winning over fans show-by-show at pubs, universities and indie-music events across the island.

The band’s debut album, Blacka Rose evolves from track-to-track to include flourishes of ultra-accessible pop refrains, progressive, hard-hitting emo-rock, folk-driven balladry, hip-hop, electronica, ambient soundscapes and even world-music - all the while retaining their signature and unmistakable sound.

“If you were wandering around as a loud-mouthed drunken lout wondering where your girlfriend was, I can tell you. She was standing with the rest of the pretty girls with her lip-glossed mouth open in front of sensitive, beautiful, passionate, young, talented up and coming vocalist Alan McIvor, who’s band includes Wade Davis and Pete Holmes.”

  • Alitaworld , entertainment blogger and contributor to Taipei Times, on Aurora’s show at Spring Scream 2010.
  1. REID

We are a band hailing from Taichung City, Taiwan. We are actually all from different countries, but were brought together by our love for music, which isn’t limited to a specific style. We try to bring everything we like to the table in order to create something that everyone can find enjoyment by listening to. We try not to pigeonhole ourselves into a specific genre and let it define us. We mainly just enjoy playing as well as we can, in places where we can connect to the audience and have a good time.

Pat Reid has played with too many bands in Taiwan. A lot of name changes and instrument changes, but at heart, Reid plays guitar and sings. Reid has been lucky enough to meet with the best rock drummer on the island David Ramey and the Amazing Ear man Paul Adams on bass. This power trio wants to play big shows, provide opportunities for other bands to do the same, grow and move people on a spiritual level.


A surprise lineup of some of Taichung’s best musicians will keep your night exciting with a teaser of a just a few funky tunes–and a surprise announcement about Halloween here in Taichung!


Music is an irreplaceable element in the life of DJ WEI WEI. Through the spinning turntable, DJ WEI WEI implants her life full power into the grooving of music. Her music flows from Hip-Hop, POP, Funky house, Deep house, Tech house, Disco and Electro. Diversity of her music is churned from her turntables day in day out. Soul is what powers her music. DJ WEI WEI has a lot of experience and knowledge of music with different audiences with various cultural aspects of life.

DJ瑋瑋 (WEI WEI) 個性活潑開朗,對執著的事物是個完美主義者,從小就熱愛音樂,自我磨練,創新的放歌方式,打破所有對音樂的框架,沒有音樂的限制,多元化曲風Hip-Hop, POP, Funky house, Deep house , Tech house ,Disco and Electro等等,經歷豐富的DJWEIWEI會為每個夜晚、每個人、每場活動,調配出最合適的舞池氛圍


You might know DJ COLIN as a former DJ of Freedom Ocean (Club 420) or APEX here in Taichung, but now he is a resident DJ splitting his time between XCUBE and XJUNIOR. He has a lot of different styles as well as many years of experience. He is not one you’d want to miss if you are into dancing!

Are you doing any events in Nov? I’d love to support more live music while I’m in town. Thanks!