Bringing canned goods in through the airport


Anyone any idea if there are any restrictions in place regarding bringing in canned food through the airport at the moment? This would be items such as soups, corned beef, peas, and pies etc.

Previously they did have something on the website to say that it was ok but I can’t find anything at the minute, and I know they are cracking down further given current issues.


No canned pork from China.


I thought packaged goods were fine but the above articles indicate they’re not. I came in with some canned goods though none of them had meat in them (and they were packed so they were easy to find if bags were opened).


I have brought cans of soup and peas through the airport this year with no problems. I don’t know about beef products.


No meat is allowed

A reference table for quarantine regulations on common animals, plants or their products carried by inbound passengers (2017.1.20).pdf