Bringing in prescribed medication from overseas?

I’m moving to Taiwan with my wife and kids in a couple of weeks (not looking forward to quarantine!)

I have ADHD and am currently prescribed Vyvanse which is like Adderall i.e Amphetamine. I’m aware it’s a controlled drug and isn’t allowed as a treatment but instead, Ritalin is. Because of this I had intended to just deal with the fast switch over but my Doc here brought up this on the Taiwan customs website (ENG) (CHINESE)
It seems to state on the English version that controlled drugs used as prescribed medication are allowed to be brought into Taiwan if accompanied by a letter from your Psychiatrist and your prescription. The other limitation being you can only bring 6 months’ worth (6 small pill bottles in my case).

My doctor has already prepared everything and seems to think it’ll be fine. Does the Chinese version of the site, which I assume takes precedence align with the English version? Google translate tells me this is the relevant text

" |處方藥|一般處方藥|處方藥未攜帶醫師處方箋(或證明文件)以2個月用量為限。攜帶醫師處方箋(或證明文件)者不得超過處方箋(或證明文件)開立之合理用量,且以6個月用量為限。


I cannot answer this question, but I know that when I brought over medicine that I use that is not easily available in Taiwan, I brought the letter and a 6 month supply and no one even inquired about it…and my medicine was chilled and with needles/syringes, which I thought would raise some red flags.

You aren’t on a pump?

To further provide unhelpful advice, I’ve never seen the Taiwan customs people check anyone’s luggage. It’s not like in the US where everyone that works for customs has a stick up their butt and their goal is to piss off as many jet lagged travelers as possible by going through the contents of suitcases for no reason other than they can. I’ve brought prescription meds with just the pharmacy sticker slapped on the package. But no one checked


I was stopped by Customs at Taoyuan a few years back.

So, make sure to have the packaging/prescriptions, and voluntarily enter the Red line and show them, you should be fine.


Yes, FDA website is available in English. You can apply online for the permission to import the medicine, it is a fairly quick process if you have all relevant documents with you /copy of passport, pictures of the medicine, doctor’s prescription, affidavit/.
You shouldn’t have any problems with bringing your medication with you together with the mentioned documents. The quantity can’t be for more than 6 months though.