Bringing medicine through customs

Hi everyone…

I've got a bit of a problem... I've been out of Taiwan for a while and I'm coming back in a week or so, and I'm bringing with me a years supply of homeopathic medicine...

Although this medicine is in fairly uninteresting brown bottles, it really looks a little too much like small balls of cocaine or whatever for my liking.
Australia doesn’t much care if I take them out of the country, but I’m concerned about getting them into Hong Kong, and then Taiwan. I mean, it can always be explained, but I don’t think too many people know what 順勢療法 looks like, let alone the grunts working at CKS airport. :laughing: I’ve never tried bringing anything like this in before, so I’d really appreciate any help/suggestions. :?

Dave :smiley:

I brought in bags of stuff, including little plastic capsules full of generic looking ground-up herbs (it’s feverfew, 'kay? :laughing: ). No one even looked at it as far as I know. I did write what it was on the Ziploc bags, but …

What happens if they DO choose to dig through your bags, I don’t know. But considering you can buy codeine at Watson’s…anyway, the good folks here told me not to worry when I posted about this issue myself, and they seem to have been proven correct.

The answer is Yes, you can bring in your personal drugs here. I have been doing this a lot of time, in and out Taipei without any problem. My sister once visited Taipei with a bag of medicines together with several surgical instruments (she’s a doctor) and she went through the green line “safely”. :wink:

Always take the red line and declare if you’re not sure, though, and bring a prescription of those you bring in with you.