Bringing parents (dependents) while on gold card?

Has anyone gone through the process of bringing parents (who qualify for visa free before the coronavirus) to Taiwan after getting a gold card? Can I claim them as dependents since I take care of them? What kind of proof is needed?

Also do I need to apply for visas for them first?

In ordinary situations, there is no way to bring foreign parents as your dependants. They can get visas to visit you as visitors. Parents of gold card holders can stay in Taiwan longer than others. It is for 1 year. Taiwan is open to relatives of residents now. They need to get a special entry permit at TECO in their country.

Humanitarian cases are judged case by case. You need to consult with NIA or BOCA.


Do you know what the standard is for acceptable cases/relationship to those relatives?

You may ask to BOCA or TECO.

I’m sure lineal relatives parents, grandpas, children, grandchildren,etc are included. Aunt, Uncle, nephew, niece may be OK. beyond them, have no idea.

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do you manage to bring your parents?

I’m still working on it

I have a local company and invested 5m into it. Now I can apply for work permits for foreigners to come to Taiwan. I’m in the process of applying for work permits.

Also need to apply special entry permit to the central competent authority

so you’re saying the gold card dependent path isn’t permissible at the moment? And you’re needing to apply for work permits through your own company for your parents?

Currently overseas missions are not taking applications, so I didn’t try the dependent path: Online visa application form

Maybe asking gold card office they might give an exclusion for parents? But I didn’t try

Though I have other reasons for going this route - I want my parents to be able to live in Taiwan long term if they want to, and I want them to be able to open local bank accounts so I can assign them as beneficiaries for my local business and investing


Oh yeah that makes sense. Good luck!

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@jimbob132 Definitely keep us updated on how this works. I am very interested in that I could very well end up doing the same thing for my mother.

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Try :slight_smile:


I think this should be lifted soon and those with work permits should be allowed to enter again. Hoping for March.

It worked out well. My mom was given a 3 year work permit and she helps with translating and some management work for the company. I assigned her the company manager position (only 1 slot allowed). You can assign specialist work permits as well (I think up to 3) but it’s harder and has salary and skill requirements.


Wow, great to know.

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This is interesting and it’s great that it’s working out for you.

I can’t imagine bringing my parents in 10 years or whatever. They would be so unhappy with Chinese everywhere and also would probably fear global politics. Even though they rarely go outside, I think they would just expect to live in America. Ah, well.

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