British are NOT stupid

Just retarded … re=related

And these people elect one of the most powerful governments on the planet.

I’ll have to send these guys a Union Jack, just to remind them how many colors there are.

And not even knowing the name of your own currency. Give me a break…

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a bit tongue in cheek. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the ravenous way the enlightened ex pat community savaged an entire nation based on some clips on youtube. I was going to post the “Germans aren’t stupid” video, but I think I made my point. Don’t use the uneducated answers of a few random people posted on youtube to base your opinions on an entire nation. And to preempt what I know will be the response, this is not just an example of the idiocy that is the population of The United States. THERE ARE IDIOTS EVERYWHERE! I realize that the ex pat community has a hard on for any hatred directed at The US, but I would think that you could come up with better things to say then “nah, nah, you’re a dumb head”

I can’t help it. Here is a link to the German one. … ent_315875

I guess their all idiots and the world should, and I want to quote one of the disturbingly typical responses, the world should “team up and destroy The UK…and Germany”

I am.

I can also furnish you wish an extensive list of Britons so stupid that if their brains were dynanite they would have enough to make scones.

Not really sure what the point of your post is, because any expat Brit I know would reply ‘Yeeees. And?’

Sorry, should have been more specific. It’s in reference to this topic Americans are NOT stupid

I understand. It still doesn’t work as satire.

The video was posted in 2007. At that time Rolls Royce was not owned by a British owner. Although it may tend to be mostly manufactured in the U.K. short of German components. In fact “name a British car manufacturer” is not an easy question for most as there are so few and there are so many technical elements to the answer.

How many colours are in the British flag (Union Jack)? Two, as white is not a colour. At least some people chose to say two (even though I’m quite sure they didn’t know what they were talking about), although the person making the video is a bit thick himself. He couldn’t even spell Blair.

What currency do they use in Ireland? Northern or Southern? Sure, southern Irish call their country Ireland perhaps, but it is often known as Southern Ireland, just the same way in which South Korea is often just called Korea, but this isn’t specific. The question is unclear, and should be rephrased.

Triangles and square questions I can offer no defense for. Stupid clots!

Did I pass?

I would love for him to have asked people which country we should invade next, and some of those ‘Stupid American’ questions.

What do Americans Know About Europe? I loved this one.

You got the name of the British flag wrong. And that video spelt “Tony Blair” wrong. Ironic? … _confusion