Broadband/Cable Internet

Hi All - just moved to Taiwan (and Taipei) and about to sign a housing contract.

searched the forum and seems like last discussion on this was a decade ago !
so i’m not talking about using SIM card, but proper broadband internet as i’m going to be working from home at least half the time and will regularly have google meet meetings + download/upload heavy files (max 1gb).

Any recommendations on which service provider is most reliable ?

Ask your neighbors what they’re using. In a newer community style building there may be a preferred provider who gives a special rate or even is the only provider.

Personally I would never use CHT again unless there was absolutely no choice whatsoever as in my experience their reliability, service and equipment is horrendously bad. Other’s may have different opinions.

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thanks !
didn’t think about asking the neighbours, wasn’t sure if they would find it weird.

Some streets only have one provider, my street is Chungwa, that’s only ok but only one I can use.
Zhongshan Taipei city.

Taiwan Mobile.

Unlimited 120 mbps cable
Unlimited 4G


Foreigner friendly. No guarantor. No passport.

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I’ve never had any problem with Chunghwa Telecom. Hinet is solid and reasonably priced.

oh wow… didn’t know some streets will be monopolized by a provider (maybe also because other providers doesn’t want to bother investing ?)

This is SIM based isn’t it. I’m looking for non SIM based

You probably have a choice in buildings, only the building management will try to convince people to use one that gives them - management- incentives.

Nope. I specifically said cable

i see. Thanks for the insight. I’ll make sure i check carefully

Oh i see.
so this is a packaged cost that includes cable & mobile ?
the mention of 4G threw me off earlier.

Yea. It comes with both. Great combo deal!