Broken 2nd hand X-box

My X-box is still broken. Any idea where I can take it in? I bought it 2nd hand so I can’t just take it to the place where I bought it and look helpless!I’m in Taipei.

i already told you that you should change the dvd-rom. you cant fix a broken xbox dvd-rom. go to to buy a new one or a new lens. otherwise, you could mod it and play game from the hard-drive.

I bought it 2nd hand for 3000. I don’t wanna spend the same fixing it…might as well buy a new one then.

alright, then if it boots normally, just mod it and play games from hd. it’s the cheapest way.

I don’t even know how to mod it. Like I said before…I know NOTHING about anything:) Do you want it? Seems like you will have more fun with it.

i can mod it for free for you.