Browser Problems with IE 6.0 & Other Slow/404 Issues

Any idea why my copy of IE 6.0 keeps getting "The page cannot be displayed " errors at the moment. I can access pages, but it frequently takes two or three tries. I haven’t knowingly changed anything on my system, and when I use Mozilla I have no problems.

I use win98 on PII266 w. 320MB RAM and DSL service via hinet.


You mean this evening? Probably a local server problem or another worm or something. I’m having the same trouble tonight.


I have the same problem, especially with and Are you or did you run Kazaa on your computer? This is when the problems started for me. My SA friend said it was common for Kazaa to mess up your web browser. I’m thinking of trying out netscape to see if I have anymore luck. Sometimes the web browser with Real Player was faster than IE 6.0.

Let me know what you find


Personally I find that things run smoother if I shut down all the crap that is running in the background. If you’re only visiting trusted websites and not downloading anything then is there any harm in shutting down the virus scan stuff? Everything else seems to be geared to solving someone else’s problems anyway. (ie selling you something.)

Before I fried the hardware my laptop worked fine with nothing else running except explorer. There was a thread on this topic here a while ago, but I can’t be bothered searching the archives for it.

When I used Netscape I had fewer probs than I do now with IE. (I’m on a borrowed machine.)

There was an interesting article a while back that may not be specifically to blame for your problem, but worth looking at:

Hope this helps.

regarding Kazaa, it has heaps of spyware

spyware will give you many errors and slow your connection down a lot

go to and search for spyware remover, it’ll get rid of all the stuff slowing down your net
also, if you’re interested, get a pop-up stopper while you’re there. No more annoying pop-ups, really handy stuff

other web programs you may have downloaded (e.g. ICQ, Realplayer) will most likely have spyware, always check their advertising policy and what not

here’s an alternative link to get Kazaa, if you were wondering what it was
it’s called Kazaa-lite (the spyware has been removed)