Brunch with Booze in Kaohsiung - Where is it?

Is there not a proper western weekend brunch with bloody marys anywhere in Kaohsiung? Since Oxford stopped theirs I can’t seem to find one and it’s driving me mad. Help!


I love brunches and am trying my best to find all the ones in khh, but what’s your definition? Anything with eggs and a bloody Mary?

That would be a good start! I’d love to be able to be more picky than that, but it doesn’t appear I can be here.

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Try Conway’s. They do British breakfasts.


As I am sure you know, brunch in Taiwan is typically modelled (sometimes very loosely) on the US, where having a bloody mary would be unusual.

Let us know what you find.


Thanks. Looks like a good breakfast, but not a brunch w/o bloodys.

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I’m American. Bloody Marys are almost exclusively a brunch drink in the US! I find it unusual that in Taiwan they are served more often in bars that don’t open until evening. “Brunch” in American cities means Bloody Marys and mimosas on the menu at the very least, and usually other cocktail options as well. I find that in Taiwan, on the contrary, “brunch” seems to mean just literally “breakfast food and lunch food.” They’ve borrowed the word from the US, but missed the concept completely.

As for what I’m finding-- nothing so far, I’m afraid. Hopefully monokuro will come through. In Taipei, Carnegie’s, FuMu, and a couple of other places have a proper Western-style brunch. In Kaohsiung the only one I knew of was at Oxford on Sundays, but they have unfortunately discontinued it.


Wow—you messed up me and Drew here. Where in the US have you been brunching like that?

The diner option brunches to which I have become accustomed roll differently. More like bottomless cups of brewed coffee and the like.

Anyways, back to Kaohsiung! :upside_down_face:


Pretty much any bar on any corner in any major US city in the past 15-20 years or so. It has become quite the trend.

Yeah, diners don’t do brunch. Diners do breakfast. Big difference! Brunch is boozy. :slight_smile:

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Okey dokey.

I think you answered your question!


Bloody Americans with your bloody Mary’s. It’s gotta be a Caesar. What’s brunch without a little added clam juice?!

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Possibly, but I’m still holding out hope, especially since monokuro claims to have a list and seems to understand the eggs and bloodys building blocks! :grin:

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Worst lego set ever.


I will very much settle for a caesar as a mary substitute! I’m in no position to be picky here.

Foster-Hewitt has a good Caesar, but again, they open at 6 PM and that’s not an evening drink unless you partied so hard the night before that you slept all day.

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Even in Taipei I find day drinking tricky. I don’t mean getting drunk; there’s just a lack of nice places to sit with a drink during the day.

Is there a Gordon Biersch down there? They were doing weekend brunches a few years ago; not sure if they still are.

There’s no GB in Kaohsiung. I’ll keep that in mind for Taipei, though.

Wait wait! I’m now a little confused with your difference between brunch and breakfast! I am from the UK, so maybe the definition is a bit different.

I don’t drink bloody marys, but I was planning to check my usual brunch/breakfast places for you and see if it’s an option :grin:

Gien Jia has lunch with full Bar

Ruth Chris has lunch with full Bar

波士頓龍蝦餐廳 (American Steak/Seafood) has good lunches

Brunch, not lunch! Thanks, though.

Arkansas Diner for brunch with booze.

Champagne or wine brunch at one of the nicer hotels.

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