Pretty funny, considering their incompetence in other matters related to Brits in Taiwan.

I can just picture it – “The commies are coming, what should I do?”

“Sir, you need to go back to UK in person to get a signed form from the relevant government office before we can examine your request.”

“Thanks for nothing. Goodbye.”

“Hello, BTCO, the commies are coming, what should I do?”

“Thank you for calling the BTCO, you need to pogo-stick across to Hong Kong, buy a cheap copy watch and get a Chairman Mao hat.”

“Thanks again.”

“Hello, BTCO, the commies are coming, what should I do?”

"Sir you need to place your head firmly between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye. We at the BTCO have neither the brains nor the desire to be of any help whatsoever. We don’t have even the most basic knowledge about anything other than how to provide visas for Taiwanese wanting to travel to Britain (and to tell the truth, we’re pretty piss poor at getting our facts straight even in that regard).

“Not sorry at all that we can’t be of more assistance. Please don’t waste any more of our time. Have a nice day.”


New Zealand office is much the same - go in person works much better

Back when the mainland were flinging missiles over the island and the yanks sent a couple of carriers I remember the comparison between the BTCO and Irish Trade office advice.

BTCO - in the event of an emergency meet in the bar at the Hilton Hotel.
Irish Trade office - in the event of an emergency meet in St Christophers Church on Chun Shan.

I guess the alter wine is cheaper…

Yeah, but seriously, what do they think they’d do?

I could imagine them going through the list of registered people and calling them up –

“Hello, hello, Mr. _____? THE COMMIES ARE COMING! THE COMMIES ARE COMING!!! You should buy a ticket and go the airport. It’s just outside Taoyuan!”

At least we had a trade office then,
the 921 earthquake hit and she (yes only one person) split town

The BTCO system is to recruit volunteer “wardens” responsible for letting all the brits in their “ward” know what to do if some emergency occurs. I think this is something they have introduced since the missile crisis. At that time the Canadian office informed their people of initial plans for evacuation, but if the BTCO had such plans, they were keeping it to themselves. Perhaps they were wiser, knowing that the whole thing would blow over after the PLA missiles plopped into the sea.

… or perhaps they weren’t aware there WAS a missile crisis until it was all over.

Sandman, i’m with you on this.
In all my years of travelling - and it is a few - i have never come across such a piss poor bunch of morons until i had the unfortunate need to speak to them recently.
They are inefficient, out of date and in at least one case not living in this world.

A huge thumbs down from me.