Bubble tea might actually be really bad for you

The main components of bubble tea are tea, milk, and tapioca pearls — as well as alarmingly high levels of sugar.

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no shit, everything here(drinkwise… and foodwise isn’t far off either) is loaded with sugar, thats why there is an option to choose your sugar level. genius stuff this article.

Disgusting stuff. And why do you always get half a litre? My wife likes it and it’s half her body-weight. Yuck!

Well it’s taking over New York City.

One bubble tea can contain as much as 50 grams of sugar and close to 500 calories.

New York is famous for pretentious. Anything unusual or foreign is exciting because it distracts their boring and alienated existence.


Really? I’ve been drinking it as a healthy alternative to Long Island Ice Tea. Pity that the article doesn’t offer any better suggestions…


I know. That’s why I like it. Like the hard working sweat of a Taiwanese food stand worker in a night market. It adds flavor to it.


Long Island Bubble Tea…now we are on to something!


Have you guys ever put vodka in it? I call it a white asian.


Like chocolate cake, stroopwafels, burek, cookies (ok, not cookies) it is not something that is supposed to be indulged on multiple times every day, or even week.

It’s not like American cuisine is known for its health value either…

I don’t think it is that bad if you ask 不要加糖 . But like said in the article, just don’t drink it every day, it’s common sense.

While coca-cola makes you live till 115 years old.


there is one shop that does a beer green tea. tried it last week.

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The only drink that isn’t bad for your body is water and water only.

I take a fatalistic view to life I guess. I dont really care if certain foods aren’t healthy; if I want it, I buy it. Coca cola by the litre daily, sweet drinks at 70% sugar, fried foods daily, sugary snacks etc. The Chinese doctor has been trying to get me to eat healthy for years but I find junk food much more tasty and actually when I tried eating healthy before, I would physically shake and felt depressed and angry all week. I’ll take a few years less life for eating what I want.

@Andrew0409 I’m going to try that vodka bubble tea, sounds good.

That is fargin funny good idea.

But for me I just want half of the bubbles. Buy one, gets an extra cup, mix up the vodka with the Bubble Tea in 2 cups, share with a friend and enjoy.

That is why i stick with water. I used To drink one bubble tea per day but thank God the novelty wore off. My husband has at least 1 per day and he used to drink bubble tea and bottled drinks instead of water … until i convinced him water is so much healthier.

Don’t forget the news publish last couple weeks a couple of times stating that over 60% of bubble tea shops have excessive levels of bacteria.

Would it be possible to soak the pearls in vodka or something

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