Bubble tea simulator

Came across this in the app store… a “top game”…

Wait until they find out some companies actually pay for those services!

The reviews do not disappoint


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Who dropped amphetamines in this guy’s coffee?

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This game is gone make you love it it’s so fun it addicting I love this game it has a really nice graphics and it really helpful to make u calm down and I play This games for hours it’s so fun and amazing I play this forever i like the affixes I love it make milkshakes I like milkshakes so that’s make it so fun and addicting and fun I like to fits and alll of it is so fun I can play it for 1 year that’s how fun it is wow cute levels cute cups man I can play for 1 billon years I so fun acspaly star level it’s hard tho but still fun play it it’s gone be the biggest game of all time and fun game play it and you get coins and u can buy stuff I like buyng stuff It like u buy tops so fun dude I play this on to phones I can play this on four different phone screens but it’s not a really scary game tho it’s not cool it’s funnnnnnnn - is

This is a really long sentence!

Seems someone had A LOT OF sugar in their bubble tea!