Bubble Tea Training Course

You don’t think the uniform would be 100% cotton ?

Hard to say… it’s going to be whatever the company can find the cheapest, which could mean 50% poly.

I think I seen a lot of uniforms polo shirts, and I hate to say they are not all that comfortable in the heat.

When I worked at Family Mart the uniform was an overcoat, kinda thick too. But at least Family Mart had AC. Imagine wearing that and no AC.

But if you owned the establishment, you’ll make good money assuming you chose a good location. I’d find a way to allow AC though just so your workers don’t die.

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Hi Faye. Im looking for a training class to open a milktea shop in USA. If you still want to find a partner. Can you email me or mess me on facebook. My email is sophielam2202@yahoo.com
You can search for my fb : Sophie Lam

Hi Faye,

I am looking to open a bubble tea shop in California. Instead of doing a franchise I want to create my own name and brand. I want to take some training class and understand how the business works. I am willing to travel to Taiwan to learn and understand the business. If you are still interested in finding an oversea partner please message me at jchung1190@gmail.com.

Joanne Chung

Hello Faye,

I am interested to understand more, how can i connect with you outside of this forum? Do you have wechat? If yes, you may search me at Jordernlee. Thanks.


Any advice on where in Taiwan is the best bubble tea training course? JD Hall? HYE? I’m from the US. TYIA

I am interested too! never thought that I can make my own bubble tea.
would love if the course is on weekend.