Bubble Tea Training Course


Can anyone recommend a bubble tea training course in Taiwan? I am looking for preferably a 2-3 training course to possibly open a store. Thank you.


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You can get a training course at google. For free.



And many more.


HI, Thanks, but I would really like to take a class instead.

Are you s foreign spouse? If so, the government provides the training and initial capital.

No, not a foreign spouse, but thanks for the tip.

I believe if you buy into a franchise they provide the training.

Another option is the China Youth Corps. They offer several courses in coffee and beverage making, and are affiliated with test taking centers for licenses, so they are on the ball.


To be quite honest, best way is to learn is to work at one of the shops.

Why pay for a course when you can get paid to learn what you want to learn?


Hi All,

Yes, working at a store is the best way, but unfortunately I cannot seek that position at this moment. I see that there are training course in Taiwan where they teach you how to make the tapioca/ pudding, teach you about the teas, and also help with purchasing equipment and ingredients. I’ve contacted a few that I’ve found online, but no one has gotten back to me. If I want to open a store overseas, then I would need to have this information available- especially with materials and shipment. So I figure, where is a better place to learn about bubble tea than its birthplace.

Have you also tried looking into the district colleges?

Some have designated buildings whereas some others are located in high schools and operate in the evenings when the kids are off.

As for contacting the classes/training courses, did you send e-mails in English? It could be they aren’t able to respond in English, so your message has been ignored.

Try contacting this company…


Have you found course on Bubble tea making?

Please let me know where is the trainning course?

Search Taipei district colleges online.

If you really want a crash course on making bubble tea…quickest way is to get a job at one of the major chain stores.

Hi! I have my own beverage shop in Hualien, Taiwan. I am searching a foreign partners. If you are still interested in running a beverage shop, please connect me!

welcome, @Faye
have a website of the shop? (sorry, don’t have FB)

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Sorry, I only have Facebook. Do you have LINE? I can show you my brand image!

Hi, I have a beverage shop want to find foreign partners. If anyone are interested in running a beverage shop. It’s really welcome to connect me to make our brand great!

I am looking to open up a store here in Lao PDR, selling milk tea. Can provide me with your Facebook page so I can drop by to take a look of what kinds of beverages you produce.

Would like to know more about your beverage. Please provide Facebook link. My line ID is omanivong_banboo

I don’t think I would ever work in one of those tea shops. It’s hell standing in line to order a drink, those places have NO air conditioning. Now try and make bubble tea for hundreds of customers a day, in 100% humidity, 37 degrees C, and you’re wearing whatever uniform they give you (which 100% of the time seals in the moisture and heat, making you miserable).

I hope you have a high tolerance to heatstroke or sweats… because you’re going to be at the end of a shift.