Buddy Needs a Third Chance(Pure Bred Shiba)

Buddy is about 6 or 7 years old. We rescued him about three months ago. He had been hit by a car, and we fear that he was abandoned because he was no longer able to walk. He managed to drag himself under a car and that’s where we found him.

He was in rough shape, a total of seven fractures to the rear legs and basin made it too painful for him to walk. Problem was, in addition to that he was severely anemic, and he also had a tick-born blood disease so he could not undergo surgery. He could have bled to death. It took two months to get a decent blood test for Buddy, by which time his bones healed and he was walking again. Our vet thinks that since he’s walking pretty well now, and because he’s no longer in pain, it’s not worth it to put him through surgery. For one it would be a very extensive surgery, and the results can not be guaranteed. So we made the decision to let him be. I think that over time, he will even run again.

The little guy is generally quiet, and well behaved. He’s quite small, too. Only about 10kg. He LOVES people.

We gave Buddy a second chance, now we need someone to give him a third chance which would be to go “home” again. Because he’s a mature dog, we will consider letting him live with someone for a temporary period of time. This is a perfect chance for someone who isn’t sure what the future holds as we will be glad to take him back anytime.

If you want to make Buddy a part of your life, contact me now.


Just come to realise that I made it sound like buddy is severely disabled. Not the case at all. He likes to go on long walks, and he can run. Much faster than I can run, but just not as fast as he used to, that’s all.

This little guy will find a home soon, so don’t wait and contact me now! :slight_smile:



A quick update. Buddy is now fully recovered. You’d never tell he was hit by a car anymore. He can run, jump, etc.

He may also be a little younger than we first thought he was. After eating good food for months, his teeth are now looking a lot better and I’d say he’s probably 4-5 years old at the most. He’s house-trained, and he’s excellent on the leash. Not a barker, not a chewer. Just a great little Shiba, and an excellent companion.

And yes, he’s still waiting for a loving home.

Contact me anytime for details.