Buffalo of the day

Water buffalo rampages through Manila after breaking loose at abattoir, injuring three people

Awesome. The carabao strikes back!


Instead of starting an armadillo of the day thread I’ll just stick this in here.

Texas man hospitalized after bullet bounces off armadillo

[quote]A Texas man was hospitalized this week, after being hit in the head by a ricocheting bullet he had aimed at an armadillo.

The man decided to shoot the armadillo after seeing it on his property, near the 134-person east Texas town of Marietta, just before 3am on Thursday, Cass County sheriff’s officials said.

He fired three shots at the armadillo. At least one rebounded and hit the man in the jaw. The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where his jaw was wired shut, according to Cass County sheriff Larry Rowe.[/quote]

3am, eh. I wonder if the armadillo had been drinking. :ponder:

Translation: Fuck! Fucking cunt of a thing!