Bug when posting a new topic?


Chrome on Android works fine


Does your nick mean what I think? :smiley:

You don’t need to answer.

For the record, this happened to me on Chrome. I haven’t used Forumosa on FF or other browsers… yet.


Do you guys have any sort of maintenance / assistance deal with Discourse? maybe they could look into it!


Is there any progress you’re making with this bug??



for knowing what the progress is for any bug fix please write @tempogain fix -id <bug_id>


My brain can’t compute that


We’re working on it. Thanks for your patience, and be alert for senseless messages from impostors.


I have removed the broken ad zone in the mobile footer and switched off the Amazon ads. I sensed the problems being reported here may be related, so plmk if you still expeirence the same problems.

It helps to know what browser and operating system you are using when you notice pep lems like this. The blank ad, for example, doesnt seem to occur when I use Edge or IE. And seems more problematicnin Chrome thabn FF.

I would use details like this when reporting a bug at meta.discourse.org


Works now!


I’ll report the bug on Meta then. Thank you


Sorry Guys , I could not resist :laughing:


Mine is fixed


I’m getting this bug right now :(.

edited: Is fine on my iPhone, problem is on W10+Chrome.