Building a website: recommended add-ons?

Any one got recommendations for add-ons for a website?

What do you think about things like banner exchanges, polls, etc?

I’m looking for things that might enhance the website rather than unduly distract visitors.


You can have a look at several scripting languages.
I don’t know what kind of support geocities offers.

This website has got all kinds of scripts on it :

Javascript (should work)
Java-applets (should work)
Perl (cgi) :

Best thing to offer is a visually pleasing website that offers useful content.
Other stuff seems tacky and can affect the download time of the webpage.

Depends on what the website is supposed to be for.

totally agree : good content with decent navigation is the key to a good website.

something else you could use on geocities is Flash (although I hate it), it’s more eye-canday and bandwith consuming then informational but still some people love it.

Anyone use Amazon Affiliates on their website?
And I added a counter, too.


Well I found a news feed that was relevant.

Try for a wide range of newsfeeds