ANYONE ATTENDING THE BULATS course this weekend - I have receivd an email from the british council -"allowing"me to attend the free course - but I have received little information, regarding what its about - and why I would want to take the course - welcome any feedback - BTW if you are wondering what the hell BULATS is, its a testing stsem run by the British Council.

I wouldn’t mind going.


I’m not familiar with it. Do you need to be invited to attend or is it open to anyone interested? Who is the class geared towards and what’s the objective? If you do go, please share if you’d recommend it to others.

YOu need to have Cambridge or CELTA qualifications to do BULATS training and ultimate examining.
It’s basically a test for business people, similar to TOEIC, but there are interviews. It ranks adult business learners English levels. Soddom is a
BULATS examiner. Where are you Soddom?

Anybody know anything more about this subject? This is apparently the ‘standard’ for business in Europe - now a larger market than the USA.