Burger King Releases A Chocolate Whopper In Taiwan

Anyone tried it? Anyone seen it?

“Tainan City as part of a special promotion. As reported, when the limited burger went on sale the morning of September 1, there was a 100-metre (99.97 m) line. A total of 506 burgers were sold as part of the one-day offer.”


Idk about this combo


So we get a chocolate whopper before we even get a whopper with cheese? Okay, Taiwan…


I thought the oreo crumble on top of American cheese on a burger was bad at burger joint, in Taichung.
While I’m at it, stop with the peanut butter. BK has like 3 sandwiches now that have it. They even put it on the chicken sandwich


how about no.


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I read that the chocolate whopper is only available in Tainan…

I was going to get one for lunch… oh well…


Stop mixing sweet and savoury.

I know what I’m eating for my cheat day…

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When it comes to menu design with “Western” food the rule seems to be just throw anything “Western” together and it will be awesome.


Original Krispy Kreme donuts make excellent buns. Dark chocolate sauce on venison is amazing.

Line up guaranteed.

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Apparently so:



From the article:

about making something that would satisfy Tainan’s famously sweet tooth.

I never knew the people of Tainan were famous for their sweet tooth. There you go!

I wonder if they all paid full price? Or this was some opening deal type thingo.

You know the problem with chocolate hamburger? Your dog or cat is going to try and eat it and it will kill them.

Cats don’t normally eat chocolate but man you have hamburger infused with it? They’ll eat it and next thing you know, they’re in cat heaven.

Is the “chocolate will kill dogs and cats” thing really true?

My dog ate an entire bag of Hershey kisses once (he spit out the foil wrappers). He lived another seven years after that incident.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it’s unhealthy for them… but it’s not exactly nutritious for humans, either.

I think theobromine is toxic to them. It can and does kill them. My godfather’s poodle went to heaven after getting into a dish of chocolates.

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Yes. They can’t process theobromine as fast as we can.

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I stand corrected.

I guess my dog was just a really lucky puppy.

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