Burger King Thread 🍔

There are burger kings outside of the aiport??

There’s one in sanchong. highly recommended.

This one in Tainan (re?)opened not so long ago. There was one while back and they closed it. I’m glad it’s back.

There are 49 Burger Kings in Taiwan. Most are in the north.



One finally opened near my home in Kaohsiung, which was a HUGE deal in my household (okay, just a huge deal for me). Kaohsiung only has like 3 BKs.


Are these guys actually better than Taiwan’s McDonald’s?


Depends what lower-tier fast food you prefer. BK here is missing some very basic options (like the option of having cheese on a whopper) and their onion rings don’t taste quite right imo. But burgers are grilled, not fried, and imo it tastes marginally better than McDonalds. At least having a BK near me gives me a much needed break from only having McDonalds (and KFC) as junk food options for years. If I were in the states I wouldn’t go to either (if I wanted a burger from a chain place, I’d find a 5 Guys or Shake Shack), but here I’d probably pick BK over McDonalds. Except when it comes to breakfast, of course. McDonalds breakfast rules all.


Including, at one point in time, my waistline. Beware! : D


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Wow, Taichung has 5 i think.

It’s good, but have you tried BK breakfast? The croissant sandwich and tatter tots is pretty good

Burger King burgers kind of flame grilled taste better than McDonald’s and they would have more vegetables included.

If you care about carbs, avoid the sitcom l special sauces and avoid the breakfast sandwiches.

Seems like most of them in Taipei just microwave them these days. A proper freshly cooked Whopper is light years ahead of the Big Mac but BK’s in Taipei typically dole out horrible reheated muck.

They finish off the burgers in the microwave, and this is common practice in burger king everywhere not just Taiwan.

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Chef Mike

I was just guessing, but it’d be less than 5 in Ktown.

Up until a year or two ago there were NO BKs in Kaohsiung. It was a pretty big deal when the first one opened (huge lines I heard). And now a couple more have followed suit. I know of at least three locations, but possible there’s more.

Still waiting for Wendy’s to come back though.

It’s like one extra button for them to add on Uber Eats. Don’t understand why they won’t do it and make a little more money.

They just opened a new one in Banqiao. I haven’t been there personally, but I have used Uber Eats to get it a few times. They don’t respect comments like no napkins, straws, or ketchup packets so I’m kind of boycotting them now.


I have been to two here in town ( I think there are 5 if count department store ones), it’s on our lunch rotation. The San-Min one is brand new with power in the booths and free wifi, a place to do some work outside the office with some snacks (unhealthy but to me nice treat). (I like it better than Micky D’s/Maccas)

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I’m waiting for Arby’s. I read they were here in the 80s

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Always in our hearts.


Whoa. A Taiwanese Wendy girl!