Burger King Thread 🍔

She’s easily in her 50s now. That was a 1988 commercial.

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Now where’s the Taiwanese Dave Thomas?

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Bet she’s still cute.

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Seems like everything cool was here in the 80s.

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The guy doing this 1993 voiceover?

100% American imported beef. Before the Ractopamine Saga.

Luckily it’s not, there are some good BK’s out there, have yet to find one in Taiwan though. In Europe/Us you can also ask for a freshly made burger rather than one that has been sitting around for an interminable time in the PHU, anytime I’ve asked in Taiwan they either can’t or don’t want to.

In Taiwan they definitely do, I’ve seen them do it. In America they stopped doing it, or at least they did. They might have brought it back now. I worked there from about 2011-2014 and sometime in that period they stopped microwaving sandwiches. Instead they put in a heated table so that it would keep everything warm.

I watched them doing it in Orlando last year as the rear of our apartment looked directly into the kitchen of a Burger King.

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Microwaves cook food from the inside out. Grilling, sauteing from the outside in. Combine both and you save time.

They do it in the states for burgers with cheese in order to melt the cheese, they’re supposed to use the PHU otherwise.

I have been to both mac ds and BK since I’ve been back to the uk and to my surprise they were both pretty rubbish compared to the taiwan versions. Taiwan kfc can’t be put in the same category though. That place is just wrong.


Taiwan KFC got rid of the original 11 herbs and spices, which is just… so wrong.

But uhhh… we have uh crispy style, which is more suited for Taiwanese taste buds!” Oh, bugger off with that shite.


Crispy and “spicy”, isn’t it? I know I’ve been irrationally annoyed by people who inquire if I don’t like KFC here because I’m “scared of spicy food” (because foreigners don’t like spicy food!). No. It’s not spicy. It’s vaguely crispy and completely tasteless. Unlike the 11 herbs and spices, which at least is tasty for the first 60 seconds or so, before leading to a feeling of despair over the choices I’ve made to wind up once again falling for the KFC trap. (Ditto the once every-year-or-two Big Macs I eat. “Oh yum! … [pause] … Oh no, I’ve made a horrible mistake.” Burger King, not so much - the only fast-food chain burger I eat and do not instantly regret eating.)


Bubble Sundae 黑糖珍珠波波聖代

How come your accent always changes when you start to get worked up? :grin:


Forumosa does that to us sometimes.


What does crispiness have to do with taste buds? :thinking:


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Ask the Taiwanese. :man_shrugging:

There’s a burger king near minquan west road. It has a pretty great chicken sandwich with salty egg yolk on it. I don’t know if they still sell it but it was pretty good when they carried it.